Repeaterlist for Oslo area, Norway (repeaterliste Oslo området)

I have made a repeaterlist for the Oslo area in Norway. This list can be saved as CSV from Excel and is then after saving as CSV compatible with Chirp.

Make sure to check that the CSV files uses commas (,) as separators and NOT semicolon (;). This can be set in the meny you see below. Goto Start menu and type locale. Click the change date, time, number format.

Thanks to Alf LA2NTA for the data I used in this list. See another posting for the direct link to Alf’s list that is located in the cloud. My list here will not be frequently updated, but per April 2017 it should give a good starting point.


Norwegian repeaterlist / Norsk repeaterliste (unofficial / uoffisiell)

Alf LA2NTA has made an excellent repeaterlist covering norwegian repeater that are updated quite frequently.

Alf edits the document straight at Google Drive. You can check out the most updated version on this link: