Contesting from CR3L (Madeira Island) with RRDXA

I am back from the megalocation at CR3L Madeira Island after working CQWW SSB with the R25 RRDXA team. It was a great weekend and we achieved good run rates however our targets were set at a higher QSO number. Since CR3L is in AF zone 33 we worked three pointers both to Europe and US and got a good score. That was fun. Claimed score looks like we will be around number 9 worldwide (a bit above 15M points). The CR3L Madeira station is located at Santana in a mountain side on Madeira overlooking salt water.  Thanks to the team! Ops: DF4UM, DH4JQ, DJ5KW, DJ8VC, DL1EK, LB3HC . Stay tuned for 2013 events.

score_edited-1 IMG_1557
Claimed #9 WW score in CQWW 2012 contest from CR3L (Madeira) LB3HC in the foreground and DH4JQ in the background (we are working pileup) DF4UM in the foreground and DJ5KW in the background (working pileup)
IMG_1564 IMG_1570 IMG_1624
DH4JQ on rig A DL1EK in the foreground and DL8VC in the background (working pileup) N1MM logger
IMG_1529 IMG_1590 IMG_1715
RIG B Weather changes fast. Here the shack and the lower antenna in fog! The team after the contest
IMG_1541 IMG_1503 IMG_1542
The 80m vertical The 10m 5 el tower is “adjusted” by DL8VC! The lower Threebander and 160m ant
IMG_1885 IMG_1915 IMG_1910
Ready for takeoff from Madeira Island Approaching coastline from flight over Atlantic Ocean On the way back to mainland Europe

Antenna isolation calculator for colocated contest / DXpedition antennas


I have made some quick isolation calculations (dB) for the scenario of two rigs with 100W output power collocated using two dipoles mounted some meters apart on the same support but with separate feedlines.

A Preliminary conclusion is that a BPF + notch is likely necessary for interference free operation. With good filters and notch, the second harmonic will be at a  7uV level and the hash will be at a S1 level on the antenna connector of RIGB which is equivalent to a moderately strong signal on 20m with low noise.  Without filters, the second harmonic will be S9+50dB. The phase noise "hash" will likely be at S3. This will likely be a significant problem.

Download the calculator here: isolation_calculator_nine_islands. The calculator is posted under a Free Beer license. You owe me a beer if you use it! Please give feedback and peer review the calculations.