ZUMspot + Pi-Star setup guide

If you are looking for a Zumstar + PiSpot setup guide for DMR, then KC6N has made a great tutorial that is available here as a .PDF: https://www.hamdigitaal.nl/download/algemene-informatie/ZumSpot_Pistar_KC6N_20180605.pdf Full credit goes to KC6N, I have taken the liberty to link to the site where this document is available to help other amateur radio ops get on the air with their hotspot setup.

How to find all Brandmeister DMR repeaters in your country

Sometimes it is good to know what DMR repeaters are available in a certain country. The Brandmeister repeater listing at https://brandmeister.network/?page=repeaters doesn’t seem to have this per country overview easily available (disclaimer -> I may be wrong 🙂 ).
I have found that by knowing your country master code you can search for that in the repeater page of Brandmeister and all repeaters registered in your country will be shown. For example the country code for norway is 241 and the master code is 2421 so if I enter 2421 I will get all the repeaters in Norway.

Show repeaters in your county

MD-390 DMR UHF radio. Modified firmware.

I updated my MD-390 with the modified firmware. This fw. gives among others, these new functions:

  • Promiscuous mode. Listen to all voice groups on one timeslot. Even if you havent programmed the VG in a channel.
  • See last heard on the display on all VGs on the time slot you have assigned to the channel regardless if you have enabled that VG
  • VU meter for TX audio
  • Updated contact list database
  • Display dimming timer and intensity adjustable
  • Lower beep audio on transmit not allowed etc
  • List of last heard
  • Channel info on display: tx freq, rx freq, timeslot, TG, sender ID, repeater ID etc

Tytera TYT-390 GPS setup

To set up GPS on the TYT-390, make an own contact with name GPS and call ID 5057






Then set up Destination ID: GPS under GPS settings. Set the interval to 60s or more. (Not too often as GPS packets take repeater capacity)








Now select “GPS system 1” under the channels you want GPS enabled on. I have made a set of channels with GPS on and a set of channels with GPS off.







In Brandmeister dashboard, go to Services/Self Care and select chinese radio. Check that your call and your name looks OK (you need an account at Brandmeister).




Then program your radio with the codeplug with the radio settings above.

Set your radio outside for several minutes to achieve GPS lock (can take quite some time).

You should see a globe symbol show up without the red ring (red ring means no GPS lock).

Then you can check aprs.fi for your callsign.