Why you should choose a lowpass configuration on your L antenna tuner

K6JCA has analyzed the needed components values for matching a load while moving on a constant reflection coefficient circle. The plot below shows that in case you select the high-pass configuration for your tuner, certain angles of the reflection coefficient will give you skyrocketing component values.

Component values for the highpass and lowpass configurations

Above you can see that the LsCp &CpLs configuration keeps the max component values quite flat. LsCp and CpLS  are therefore the best engineering choices based on cost and realistic component values.

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  1. Dear sir,

    I’m trying to design HF antenna tuner with low pass configuration. My antenna is showing high impedance than source impedance (50 ohms). Then I use the topology of FIRST series L & Shunt CAPACITOR (low to high impedance but I didn’t get any response) and I interchange the circuit (high to low impedance I got the response). Please let me know whether this is correct or not.

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