Receiving wideband FM with the Funcube dongle


I have recently acquired a Funcube dongle software defined radio. The Funcube dongle is a small USB unit that contains a E4000 Silicon Tuner (radio on a chip), a TLV320AIC3104 Audio Codec and a Microchip 24FJ32GB002 16bit Microcontroller. This small USB device gives me coverage from 64 to 1700 Mhz with some small gaps according to the manufacturers data. You can download more information here:

As a windows SDR RX I am at the moment experimenting with the sdr-radio program that you can download here:

The picture above shows a FM broadcast transmitter in the Oslo area. You can also see the pilot carrier that is used to encode the stereo information if you look carefully

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  1. How did you manage to do that. i cannot even see any normal FM broadcasts. no matter what settings i try. everything else works fine thou

    • Hi. Are you sure you have upgraded the Funcube to the latest firmware? See my post about upgrading. You have a tab in SDR-RADIO that shows if you have phase lock. If you don’t have phase lock it appears like the Funcube accepts the QRG commands and there is noise, but no signals. Also, you should find a QRG where you know for sure that you have a strong FM broadcaster. Try with your kitchen RX for example.


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